Garden Tools Haslemere

Garden tools in Haslemere help you to get the perfect garden and we have just the right tool to get the job done and our excellent range will give you a clean and professional finish every time. Don’t worry if you're not sure what tool is best for the job, ask our wonderful team who have been fully trained in all areas of our garden centre to ensure they provide you with the best help and advice when you need it. As well as our excellent range of garden tools and equipment we also have a superb café where you can enjoy a hot or cold drink as well as some of our delicious home-made cakes and snacks. Looking for garden tools in Haslemere? Visit Haslemere garden centre in Brook for a great range of garden tools and other hard landscaping materials!

What types of garden tools in Haslemere do we sell?

We have garden tools in Haslemere for every aspect of your gardening needs from planting bulbs or seeds to secateurs for pruning your rose bushes or if you have a bigger project to tackle we have spades, hoes, rakes and forks, all the essential equipment required to keep your lawn and garden looking like new. As well as a good selection of garden tools we also provide plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, soils, fertilisers, containers, BBQs, garden furniture and much much more to help you get the garden you’ve always dreamed of. Find us on Facebook or have a look at the website for more information on our product range and garden furniture.

Garden tools at Haslemere Garden Centre

We believe one of the reasons people return to us for all their garden tools at the garden centre nearby Haslemere time after time is because we stock high-quality products and equipment, as well as having:

  • Warm and friendly staff who are knowledgeable;
  • Hard landscaping materials and watering systems;
  • Practical clothing range;
  • Gift selection to suit all tastes and occasions;
  • Protective cloches to keep your garden free from frost and possible disease.

Buy garden tools in Haslemere

Just a short drive along the A286 you can get your garden tools nearby Haslemere any day of the week as we are open seven days for your convenience. So, come along today and take a stroll through our colourful flowers and plants or take a look at our modern and stylish garden furniture and get some ideas on how you can enhance your gardens’ look.

For more information on our products and our opening times visit our website or call us on 01428 685517.

ADDRESS: Haslemere Garden Centre, Haslemere Road, Brook, Godalming, GU8 5LB